Ann Curry Lands at TNT

Former Today Show Anchor Ann Curry has landed a new gig at TNT as the Executive Producer of a new show that seems a bit invasive to us.

Curry will EP the show M.D. Live.

The show will feature patients battling various ailments consulting a recurring panel of doctors, who will discuss potential diagnoses before asking the live audience for additional feedback, solutions and support.

The idea that people with life threatening illnesses will go on a show where a live audience will help decide their fate?

Really? This is what TV has come to?

“Real good could come of this. We aim to help break down the walls that still stop people from accessing the medical information they need. Harnessing the full power of both television and technology to connect people interactively with doctors all over the world is a step toward a future when we are not limited by where we live or whether we can find the right doctor,” said Curry. “This is a new way of doing things, a new genre of broadcasting and a chance to help people.”

Sorry, but it seems like a new way to exploit people if you ask us.