It Took Two People to Copy and Paste that?

Speaking of KUSI ion San Diego….

The station posted a story on their website that carries two bylines, which often means the story is more in-depth, in the fact that it took more than one person to report it.

But, after the short first paragraph of the KUSI on Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, the rest was copy and pasted directly from his online bio.

First of all, just copy and pasting some politician’s bio is not exactly news and secondly, the fact that it took two people to do it, is a little worrisome.

These up coming elections are the most important of our lifetimes. Tv stations need to report the facts and do more than just copy and pasting a bio.

Here is a portion of the posted story from KUSI. As you can see after the first paragraph, is is copied word for word from his bio.

And here is Congressman Duncan D. Hunter’s online bio:

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 3.37.35 AM.png