THE FTVLive Netcast Featuring Lauren Sivan

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It's finally here and well worth the wait...

Today, we give the FTVLive Netcast Episode 2 and it will be one you will want to listen to. Not because of me, God no, but because of the guest on the show. It is no other than Lauren Sivan.

Lauren is an LA Journalist and social media megastar. She talks with no filter and it's sooooo refreshing. 

Sivan was a former Anchor at Fox News and currently works at KTTV in LA. She talks about working for Roger Ailes and also about her current job at The Firm's LA station. She gives great advice about social media and also talks about all the dick pics she is sent on a regular basis. 

This is one Netcast that is MUST listen to and you can do so right now. 

Click below: