WX Shuffle In Houston

Almost two months ago, FTVLive told you that there was going to be a WX change in Houston. And just like we said, the changes have been made.


Disney's KTRK debuted Collin Myers from Austin and kicked popular meteorologist Casey Curry, out. As we reported, Myers was coming from KEYE-TV after a somewhat rocky relationship with his ND and chief meteorologist. We never heard if there was cake on Collins' last day, in Austin.

We also told you that Myers would replace Elita Loresca on the weekend AM shows, while Loresca goes M-F at 11a & 4p.

In 2015, FTVLive showed you video of Curry taking a nasty fall when ABC debuted a new set. She was off the air for quite awhile recovering from a broken wrist. The outpouring from viewers, was big. She's obviously, very popular. She even filled in on Good Morning America.

We'll see how KTRK handles her sudden disappearance with viewers. Our guess? They'll say nothing and just screw over the viewers.