OK This is Still a Secret, So Don't Say Anything....

OK, this story is still hush, hush, so don't say anything to anyone....OK?

There is about to be a Texas weather shuffle and there is an interesting back story to the whole thing. 

KTRK, the ABC O&O in Houston, is about to hire a new Meteorologist and more than likely send a current one packing.  

The Met that KTRK is going to hire is Collin Myers from KEYE in Austin. Myers is currently the weekend guy and sources say he was recently passed over for the Monday through Friday AM gig at KEYE.

Insiders claim that Myers was not happy and has been talking smack about the News Director and Chief Met Chikage Windler.

So, word is that KEYE has hired a replacement for Myers, who starts within the next month. 

But, Myers has great timing and sources say that he has landed a job at KTRK in Houston, where he will be doing Weekend mornings at the Disney station.

Sources tell FTVLive that current weekend AM Met Elita Loresca is getting bumped up to Monday through Friday. That will likely mean that some current Weather Anchor at KTRK is getting pushed out as Myers comes in. 

Myers has been playing coy on his social media, but we wanted to fill you guys in before the news was released. 

But, please remember, this is all secret for now, so mums the word.... OK?