Oh Sinclair.....That is Really Not Cool

Sinclair owned KBOI posted a story about a "Would-be bank robber" that showed up to a bank to find that the doors were locked. 

The station sent out this tweet of the black man being arrested by police for the robbery.

There was just one small problem....

That black man did not try and rob a bank, in fact he is well known Black Lives Matter activist and educator DeRay McKesson. But hey, he's black and obviously to the Sinclair station in Idaho, it's all the same. 

In fact the station wasn't done using Mr. McKesson in their other crimes stories:

McKesson popped up in this story as well, despite the fact that he was not involved in the crime. It seems that McKesson is the Sinclair station's go to black guy when they need a pic of some black dude in trouble with the law. 

McKesson tweeted that he was nowhere near the bank that was a robbery target. 

KBOI did getting around to saying they were sorry: 

Of course, when FTVLive posted a story about a soon to be Sinclair station making a hire, we got a letter from Sinclair's lawyers. They demanded that we "cease and desist."

We wonder if McKesson's lawyers sent such a letter to Sinclair? 

At least when we make the occasional mistake it's not racist AF. 

Just saying....