Dear Mr. Jones...

This morning FTVLive put up a story that said that Sinclair owned WTIC in Connecticut. We made a mistake. We meant to say that it was a station that would soon be owned by Sinclair. 

The station is owned by Tribune, which is the company that Sinclair is buying. 

Sinclair's legal team has asked us to make a retraction to our mistake and inform them when we do. Well, we changed the story a while ago and this is the apology for making the mistake. 

Yes.... Tribune is being bought by Sinclair and yes many that work at Tribune stations say they feel like Sinclair is already running their stations. Of course this is illegal and there is no way Sinclair would be advising stations on hirings or budgetary items. 

Sinclair has not yet officially taken over the Tribune stations. 

Here is the letter from Sinclair legal to FTVLive and again, we are sorry for making the mistake.