The Check's in the Mail....

Amid all the changes made at Fox yesterday, there was a big one at the Fox Business Network as well. 

Brian Jones, who was the Vice President of Fox Business has now been bumped up to the network's President gig.

He will report to Suzanne Scott, who now is "president of programming" and Jay Wallace, now "president of news."

Interesting footnote on Jones. When he was starting out as a Producer at KTUL in Tulsa he did not even have his own checking account.

He used to take his paychecks from the station and just cash them. He paid his bills in cash and never wrote checks, because he didn't have a checking account.

Now he's the president of Fox BUSINESS Network which broadcast all day long with advice about what to do with your money?

We're guessing by now, Jones has opened his own checking account. Hell....he might even have a savings account by now as well.

It was a big promotion at FBN for Jones and he is one of the good guys that deserve it.