Tarnished Shine...

Yesterday, another shoe dropped at Fox News and this one had a Shine on it (that's a long way to go for a shoe shine joke).

If you had Bill Shine on your "next to get fired at Fox News" bingo card, mark your spot and keep playing. 

 Suzanne Scott

Suzanne Scott

Despite the fact that Shine had strong support from Sean Hannity, it proved to not be worth anything as the FNC co-president handed in his resignation at Fox News. 

The move comes as no surprise, Shine getting botted has been rumored for days and it appears that yesterday was THE day. 

Suzanne Scott, the network's top female executive, is among two execs promoted. She is being moved to president of programing. 

Jay Wallace formerly the executive vice president of news, is now president of news for Fox News Channel.

They both join Jack Abernethy, who remains co-president of Fox News and CEO of Fox O&O's.

All of these moves are still part of the Roger Ailes' fallout from the past year. Ailes left under a cloud of lawsuits and charges of sexual harassment. Ailes denies the charges, but he was sent packing regardless.

Since Ailes left, the lawsuits continued to pile up. Many of the suits included the name Bill Shine and it soon became clear that Shine would also not survive at Fox News. 

Suzanne Scott's name is also in some of the lawsuits. And as Reporter Gabe Sherman points out:

As for Shine, he had the backing of FNC's biggest star (since Bill O'Reilly was booted) in SEan Hannity. 

Hannity claimed if Shine was forced out at Fox News it would end the network "as we know it."

Some may say that is exactly what Rupert Murdoch and his sons are trying to do. 

Rumors started swirling yesterday that Hannity might now leave Fox News? But on last night's show, Hannity said "all the lies you've heard about me are not true..."

So it appears that Hannity is not taking his ball and going home.....yet.