Longtime Phoenix Weather Anchor to Retire

Dave Muncey has been the Weatherman at KSAZ in Phoenix since 1975 and is about to call it quits.

The job of Weather Anchor in Phoenix is one of the easiest jobs in the world. If you predict sunny and hot everyday, you'll be right most of the time. 

“I wanted to retire while I was still good-looking, but since I missed that boat, I decided to do it before I turned 70,” Munsey said. “I’ve lived my version of the American dream. I have a wonderful family and friends, a job I love and enjoy each day,” he added. 

The announcement of Muncey retiring is good news for Weekend Weather Anchor Kristy Siefkin. She has been hanging around the station for 5 years waiting to fill Dave's shoes. 

She'll get the nob when Muncey signs off this Summer.