Leaving Little Rock

A Little Rock Reporter said it was her dream to work at KATV and now that she has, she's leaving.

KATV Reporter Stacey Spivey, grew up in the Little Rock area, but is now leaving her home state for an anchor job in Roanoke, Va.

Spivey joined KATVin April 2015 as a general assignment reporter, She had also interned at KATV in 2012.

On her social media accounts, Spivey said that Yesterdaywas her last day at the affiliate before leaving Arkansas to become an anchor at Fox affiliate WFXR starting in May.

“Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed [of] being a part of the Channel 7 news team,” she said in a statement, noting that it meant the world to her to “wear that coveted gold ‘7’ pin” and that Arkansas “will forever be home.”

In an emailed statement, KATV News Director Nick Genty said the station wishes her well and will miss the "fantastic attitude that she brought every day."

"It’s always tough to see a good reporter go, but I couldn’t be more happy for her to reach her goals," Genty said. "She will always be a part of the KATV family."

H/T Arkansas Online