Cause of Death Released in Weatherman's Suicide 

"Hypothermia from environmental exposure," that is what officially killed WCSH Meteorologist Tom Johnston.

The Maine Office of Chief Medical Examiner released the findings of an autopsy done on the body of the Weather Anchor.

The manner of his death was ruled suicide. It is believed that Johnston cut his wrists and with the self-inflicted wounds, he lost consciousness and died from hypothermia.

Johnston's body was found the night of April 6 in a wooded area in Auburn, Maine. The discovery of his body came within hours of a Missing Persons flier made public by police in Old Orchard Beach, where he lived.  

As FTVLive FIRST reported, Johnston is being looked at as a suspect in a rape case, being investigated by the Oxford County Sheriff's Department.

So far the sheriff is not releasing any names as the investigate the incident.