Viewers Give Thumbs Down to Tegna Station's New News Format

FTVLive told you that Tegna owned WTSP in Tampa has ditched their news format for a show all about viral videos and what's trending on social media. 

The new newscast has Anchors using lines like, "…you’re watching 10 News.”

Watching the show, the new anchors have that smug attitude.  The few vets they kept look incredibly uncomfortable. And the new drinking game is each time you hear “you’ve probably seen this on your Facebook feed….” You'll be plowed before the newscast is halfway over. 

Watching this morning's "Brightside" on WTSP, they brought us these "huge" stories:

First the Anchor says, “Good morning…the weekend’s almost here…and it’s time to Nexflix and chill, baby”

And the big stories in Tampa this morning?

—What’s trending on Netflix
—Candy won’t be sold at CVS
—Starbucks unicorn frappachino?

WTSP wants viewers to "show us a picture of your Starbucks unicorn."  ‘I need to know,” says the anchor, “what does it look like.  Send me a picture on social media.  Coming up, we’re going to tell you the coupon not to clink on when you’re on line.”

let's now go to WTSP's Facebook page and see what viewers think about the new format?


For a station that is focusing almost exclusively on social media stories, it seems that social media thinks it sucks. 

Stay tuned....this might not end well.