The Prom Queen

Yesterday. FTVLive told you that a Dallas teenager wants to take KXAS Reporter (and FTVLive's news person of the year) Homa Bash to his prom. 

Curtis Dorsey who has just over 500 Twitter followers asked Bash, how many retweets he would need to get to get her to go to his prom?

She told him 10,000 and he was able to talk her down to 8,000.

The retweets started off strong, but then just over 2,000 and a day later, they really started to slow down. Still almost 6,000 away, it appeared that Curtis was going to fall short on his dream prom date. 

So, then yesterday afternoon, FTVLive decided to make the dream a reality. We did a story and asked you guys to retweet and help the kid out.

Well, the FTVLive nation came through and before the end of the day, Curtis was well past the 8,000 that he needed. 

In fact, early this morning his retweets zoomed past the 10,000 that Bash originally told him he needed.

So, now Curtis Dorsey has his dream date to the prom and a Dallas Reporter will be shopping for a prom dress, well past the time she ever thought she would be doing so. 

Now.....who doesn't like a love story? 

Thanks to all of you, you made the kid's dream come true.