OH! This is SOOOOO Going to Happen

Ahhhhh....remember young love?

Remember when you were a kid and you had a crush on one of the newscasters on TV? For me it was WKBW (Buffalo) (now WJBK - Motown) Anchor Sherry Margolis.

Of course, back then you never thought about asking the local newswoman to your prom. But now-a-days, asking an adult to you prom is almost normal. 

Down in Dallas, Curtis Dorsey has a crush on FTVLive's News Person of the Year, KXAS Reporter Homa Bash. 

So, Curtis came up with a plan. He asked Homa how many retweets would he need to get, for her to go to his prom?

He was able to talk her down to 8000. There might just be a job in TV Sales for Curtis when he gets out of school. 

In the first 15 hours, Curtis has gotten just over 2,000 retweets and is still 6,000 shy. Well Curtis, FTVLive is here to help you my man. 

Let's make sure Homa is headed to the prom. Here is a link to Curtis's tweet, you just need to click on the link and then hit retweet.

That's it and we help send Homa to the prom.

Better brush up on your dance moves Homa, we have a feeling you will be needing them soon.

Come FTVLive nation....let's make one high school kid's dream come true.

I wonder it it's still too late to ask Sherry Margolis?