We Told You....

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that WFTX (Ft. Myers) GM Les Vann was leaving the station after being there just over 6 months. 

Sources tipped off FTVLive that Vann was quitting his job at the Scripps station after barely having time to hang up some pictures in his office. 

We called Vann, to ask him about his leaving the station? When Vann heard that it was FTVLive on the line, you could almost hear his deer in the headlights look as we asked him about leaving the station so quickly?

"Scott, I can't talk about that yet, I still have obligations to fill," Vann said to FTVLive. 

He could not hang up the phone fast enough. 

FTVLive also reported that he heard that he was quitting the Scripps station for a station in Asheville.

Well guess what?

After FTVLive posted the story, Meredith announced that they hired Vann at WHNS in the Asheville, Greenville market. 

Let's hope he enjoys his job at Meredith, because after screwing Scripps over, I doubt they will be hiring him back anytime soon. 

How sad is it that a GM of a TV station was looking for a new job after just a few months? It either tells you that Scripps is really bad, or that Les Vann is.

We'll let you guys decide that one.