That Was Quick

Sources tell FTVLive that WFTX GM Les Vann announced that he is leaving the Scripps station. 

Van has only been at the station just over 6 months. 

FTVLive called Vann and spoke to him. We asked him if he was leaving the station? "I can't talk about that yet, I still have obligations to fill," Vann said to FTVLive. "There will be more info later today," he added. 

One source tells FTVLive that Vann is likely headed to a station in Asheville, but Vann was in a big hurry to get off the phone with FTVLive and would not answer our questions. 

We he was hired at the Scripps station, Debbie Turner, vice president of station operations for Scripps said, ""Les possesses the very best qualities for a Scripps GM."

You know, except for the part about sticking around at the station more than just a few months.

Stay tuned.....