Fox Settles Another Lawsuit

Back in 2015, FTVLive told you that Reporter Colleen Dominguez was suing Fox Sports for age and gender discrimination, after she claims it withheld assignments and refused to air those she initiated on her own.

In 2016, FTVLive reported that her bosses wanted her to get a "facelift" and she included that in her lawsuit. Fox Sports higher-ups had ordered Dominguez to get hair extensions in hopes that she would wear her hair like Erin Andrews.

Dominguez kept on with the lawsuit that we often see in TV news, but is rarely ever won. 

Although it has not been widely reported, sources tell FTVLive that Fox has reached a settlement agreement with Dominguez.

Word is that Fox paid Dominguez money, with the assurance that she cannot refile the suit. Both sides signed a confidentiality agreement that bares either side from disclosing any documents or other materials related to the case.

It is another case of Fox paying off a female employee for the actions of one of their managers.