Fox News Gets Recognized for Gender Parity

A women's media group co-founded by Gloria Steinem gave top honors for gender parity Wednesday to an unexpected recipient: Fox News.

The Washington Times writes that in its annual report on the journalism gender gap, the Women's Media Center said the center-right network’s website outperformed those of CNN, the Daily Beast and Huffington Post in reporting done by women from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30.

FNC's website was the only media outlet of the four examined that saw 50 percent of its reporting done by women. Placing second was Huffington Post with 49 percent, followed by CNN with 45 percent and Daily Beast with 38 percent.

The gender gap was far more pronounced at television networks, newspapers and wire services. More than two-thirds of the evening reporting at the three broadcast networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — was done by men, while none of the 10 major daily newspapers studied reached the 50-50 mark.

“Overall, men produce 62.3 percent of the analyzed reports while women produce 37.7 percent,” said the report, “Divided 2017: The Media Gender Gap.” “The study found that the disparity exists in newspapers, online news, wire services and television news, but is especially stark in TV news.”
In television, PBS had the narrowest gap, with 55 percent of the reporting on its evening news hour done by men and 45 percent by women. Fox, CNN and other cable outlets were not included in the analysis.

In an unofficial study by FTVLive, we found that Fox News also paid out the most money to women in sexual harassment cases as well.