Thank You

We need to send out a couple of "Thank You's" to people that show they have ethics.

So often, a number of other newspapers and websites lift stories from FTVLive with no credit or attribution. Mainly it is just people that are jealous that FTVLive breaks so many stories that they don't.

Other times, it's just people that are ethically challenged and just can't do what's right. 

So, a big thanks goes out to a couple of people that do it right. 

First, is the St. Louis Post Dispatch Joe Holleman (pictured), who always gives credit where credit is due. He did so again yesterday on this story. 

Also, a thanks to follow blogger Ed Bark, who also credited FTVLive yesterday as well. 

FTVLive will sometimes call out those that steal stories or don't give proper credit, it is only right that we also call out those that do. 

Thanks guys! You show that there are still some good honest people around and we thought you should be recognized.