Longtime Tegna Anchors Out (Updated)

Just yesterday, two Tegna Anchors with almost 40 years of experience between them, announced they were leaving their respective stations.

FTVLive FIRST told you that WGRZ (Buffalo) Anchor Scott Levin (top right) is leaving the station to go help sell cars.

Levin spent two decades at the station and is leaving at the end of May. 

He's not the only one leaving the Buffalo station. Sources tell FTVLive that 5PM Producer Sally Durwald is leaving the station and crossing the street to Nexstar's WIVB. She's leaving Tegna, to go to Nexstar.....Ouch!

Another Producer left the station back in February and more are looking to get out as well. 

Down in Houston, longtime KHOU Anchor Greg Hurst (bottom right) is leaving the Tegna station after 18 years. It appears on the surface, Hurst is being pushed to the exit.

Hurst anchored the 4/6 and 10PM newscast, until new News Director Sally Ramirez came in and pulled him from the 10PM, leaving him only on the 4/6pm.

She's the ND and her husband Russ Lewis is the morning Anchor (see update below). 

Many viewers were not happy to learn that Hurst was pushed.....errrrrr....leaving the station. They posted messages on social media, voicing their displeasure. They also knocked Ramirez and her husband Lewis and for some reason Lewis "Liked" the posts. 

Hurst's last day is Friday. 

Update: Lewis emailed FTVLive to say that he was not hired by his wife, who is News Director at the station. "I was hired by KHOU’s GM, Susan McEldoon," he says in the email. 

Which is another reason many companies have nepotism clauses in their hiring practices.