Screw This Guy!

CNN shows that they will "go there" to get ratings, even if it includes killing animals to get them. 

The used to be cable news network has a new show called, "Believer with Reza Aslan."

In the last episode, CNN's Aslan actually ate a person's brains. This week he help kill a goat as part of a voodoo sacrifice. 

“What draws me to Voodoo is that there’s no division between the body and spirit…there is no boundary between them,” Aslan said as video showed him carrying in the defenseless animal to be slaughtered.

And because TV news has become, "look at me TV" not only is the goat killed, but Aslan takes part in the graphic goat slaughter.

And Jeff Zucker is OK with this? 

Just when you think that CNN will not stoop any lower to get ratings, they show they are ready to  dig even deeper to do so.