This is CNN....

Proof that CNN will do anything for ratings. 

In their new show " Believer with Reza Aslan", the host of the show drinks out of a human skull and eats a dead man's brain. 

Take that Don Lemon. 

The show is billed as giving viewers a glimpse of different cultures, rites and rituals from around the world. But really, it's just about shock value to get ratings. 

In the first episode depicted Aslan drinking from a human skull, eating a piece of human brain while being splashed with cremation ashes as part of the exploration of the Aghori sect of the Hindu religion.

The Aghori are a sect of Hinduism that are known to engage in postmortem rituals such as cannibalism.

Oh...but it gets worse, when a guy in the sect urinates and defecates on camera, then consumes his excrement while exclaiming his faith.

Aslan and the camera crew then ran away when the guru hurls his feces at them.

Yep....Jeff Zucker has got that place running like a finely tuned machine. 

H/T Toronto Sun