Well....I'm Sure They Came Cheap

Speaking of Tegna.... 

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you Tegna's Tampa station WTSP was blowing up their morning newscast and starting over. 

FTVLive showed you the internal memos of some of the hires for the new morning show. 

One hire was Jackie Fernandez. 

You may remember that Frenandez worked at Scripps owned WEWS in Cleveland before she was firing for ethical violations at the station. 

The most recent hire for WTSP's morning show is Rob Finnerty. Here is the internal memo sent to the staff, by News Director Bob Clinkingbeard:

What Clinkingbeard leaves out of the memo is the fact that Finnerty killed a guy while driving drunk. 

Finnerty was found guilty of driving impaired, but got off on the motor vehicle homicide charge.

Finnerty was at KCTV, but lasted just a year before the station parted ways with him.  

Both, Fernandez and Finnerty were on the beach when hired at WTSP. It is likely the station got both people for a good price.

And in Tegna's world that seems to be much more important than what you did in the past.

Gots to love TV news....