Station Stays Mum on Dress Up Memo

Last Friday, FTVLive FIRST told you about a memo sent out at Meredith owned WNEM in Saginaw/Flint to the staff in the newsroom. 

WNEM News Director Ian Rubin asked the news staff, if anyone wanted to dress up for May sweeps as as a Muslim woman, an Orthodox Jew or as a "Transgender" to show, "discrimination and hatred in our station and nation."

WNEM GM Al Blinke says that Rubin did not mean to imply that there was hated and in "our station", but meant to say "state" and not station.

Other than that, when contacted by MLive, Blinke refused to make any other comments about the memo.  

No word if the station plans to follow up with Rubin's proposed idea during the May book. But, we get the feeling after the FTVLive story, the idea might have been scrapped. 

We'll find out in May.