San Francisco Station Changes Anchors, During the Newscast

A scary moment on KGO's (San Francisco) 4PM newscast yesterday. 

As Anchor Ama Daetz (right) was doing the newscast, she started to slur her words and appear dizzy and wobbly on air.

She was able to toss it to a Reporter, but then when they came back to the studio, Daetz had disappeared from the newscast. 

KGO Anchor Kristen Sze was rushed to the set as an emergency fill in. Anchor Dan Ashley did say something about Ama being sick and had to leave, so the viewers were not left totally in the dark. 

Sze took to social media to talk about her pinch hitting assignment and to wish Daetz well. 

No word on what knocked Daetz off the air, but let's all hope she feels better.