Snow My God!

Snowstorms have happened across the county all Winter long.

But Today, a storm is hitting New York City and you know what that means? 

The NYC based media will go into Defcon 1, full hype mode to tell you that snow is coming down. 

In fact, WNBC has already rolled in NBC (shared) Storm Ranger (which means Boston is out of luck again).

Early this morning, WNBC’s Dave Price was in the million-dollar mobile radar vehicle.  was he in the middle of the heaviest snow bands?  


He was the Jersey Turnpike showing us a tractor trailer being hooked up to a tow truck.   Wonder if that accident showed up on the S-band radar?

By the way, for the millions of us that live outside New York City....we don't care that it's snowing there. 

Just being honest.