Where is the Storm Ranger?

When NBC signed on their new station at the start of the year, they were quick to air promos of all their gadgets and toys including the NBC Boston Storm Ranger. 

According to the station, the Storm Ranger is a first-of-its-kind mobile radar vehicle and has been featured on a number of on-air weather promotions and at station events.

The Storm Ranger was even featured in Boston's First Night parade that the station aired live on January 1.

But, since the station launched, there have been three major snowstorms in the Boston area and the Storm Ranger has been a no show for all three. 

So why is this first-of-its-kind mobile radar vehicle not being used during the storms? 

Well, it seems that NBC is trying to pull the wool over the viewers eyes.

You see, the Storm Ranger is really not NBC Boston's at all, it's shared by other NBC O&O's.

But wait! What about the NBC Boston logos on the side of the Storm Ranger? 

The logo is just a big magnet that is stuck on the side of the truck for promos and parades. 

The Storm Ranger is one of 3 that is owned by the NBC stations. This Storm Ranger is actually shared by WNBC, WRC, WCAU, WBTS, and WVIT.

If big weather hits Boston it is likely it will hit New York City as well. Since WNBC is the big sister, often times NY gets the first dibs on the weather truck of the future. 

Also, word is that the truck of the future has had a lot of mechanical problems and as spent much of it's time in the shop getting repaired. 

It seems even in the future, we are going to have to tech our hight tech vehicles to the mechanic.

H/T New England One