CNN: The Pot Calling The Kettle, Black.

CNN media critic, Brian Stelter (also known has Jeff Zucker's errand boy), used an inordinate amount of time to go after Fox's Sean Hannity over a plagiarism issue.

Stelter is all upset because Hannity had conservative talking head Monica Crowley on the show and didn't touch on accusations of plagiarism. Now we're not going to debate who's worse, but we will ask Stelter if he's ever heard of CNN's Fareed Zakaria? Stelter also accused Hannity of opposing real journalism. Would that be the same as CNN's Van Jones referring to then, presidential candidate Donald Trump as, "you can't polish this turd"?  Or CNN's Don Lemon getting drunk on the air and telling Kathy Griffin she has a 'nice rack'?

Again, we're not defending Hannity, but CNN has done more (collectively) to hurt journalism, than Hannity could ever imagine.

Here's the video:

We often wonder if Stelter comes up with this stuff on his own, or does his Master summon him to the corner office and tell him what to do for the day?