Megyn Kelly/ NBC Search for a Producer

If you read the tabloids you might think that the hottest job in TV right now is the Producer for Megyn Kelly's new show coming to NBC. 

Word is that Kelly wants someone outside 30 Rock and someone that is not loyal to Matt Lauer. 

Problem is, not many want the job. 

Word is that Kelly wanted Bill Geddie as her Producer. Geddie was the longtime Producer of Barbara Walters and was also the Producer that helped launch "The View" on ABC. 

Geddie was a big name and that who Kelly wanted heading up her show. Word is that NBC also signed off on Geddie.

But, when the Peacock approached Geddie about the gig, word is he turned it down. We hear he isn't the only one. 

Others have been talked to, but no one wants to take the gig and most of the blame if Kelly flops at NBC. 

Kelly's agent has been trying to plant stories that this is a huge job and big names are lining up to take it. But, NBC sources tell FTVLive that is complete B.S. and a numbers of names have been scratched from the list, after saying they are not interested. 

As of now, the search continues. 

Stay tuned.....