It's Hip to be Square

Because it's ratings, stations need to scare viewers in anyway they can.

A Seattle station tried to explain what various emojis mean to kids without having a clue. 

KCPQ wanted viewers to know that their kids are speaking in top secret code when they send emojis back and forth to each other.

Like if you see your son or daughter send an emoji of the pink hibiscus flower, that means drugs. So basically your kid is an addict if you see that. Not sure why kids don't just use the drug emojis that are already on their phone. 

If you see a Fox emoji, that does not mean that your kid wants to watch the news on KCPQ. It means they are looking to sneak out of the house. 

Yes gang, this is ratings coverage in Seattle. 

Twitter had some fun with the station's report:

Still 3 more weeks of ratings gang....