The E-Team? What the Hell is that?

Scripps owned WEWS is watching their ratings slide and now they have called in the E-Team.

We're guessing the A through D team didn't work, so it's onto E.

The station says that they have introduced something new and different to liven up your morning routine, and that is the E-Team — Exclusive, Enterprise stories from a special team up Early with you.

According to WEWS, our E-team features a big group of reporters giving you interesting, informative, and impactful local news you won’t see anywhere else.  

Station News Director Jeff Harris admits that the station has been phoning it in for decades and it's time to change. “We see it as our duty to provide real, original reporting in the mornings,” said Harris said.  “It’s something that’s been missing for decades, so now we’ve done something about it.  I’m sure Clevelanders are frustrated with the fluff and meaningless stories they see in morning news, and for us, those days are over.”

And if they don't give you the story, they can still do your taxes. The E-Team, sounds like something at H&R Block and not a TV station.

If I was competitor, I'd be launching a promo that says something like, "While Channel 5 relies on the E-Team to give you the news, tune into our newscast for our A-Team."