This May Kill Brian Stelter

Word is circulating that the used to be cable news network CNN is considering boycotting the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Wow! Move over Rosa Parks. 

Sources say that CNN is still actively discussing internally whether it will send staffers to the April 29th event.

“We haven’t made a decision on it yet,” a CNN spokesperson said.

Can the world survive and more importantly, can Brian Stelter?

CNN's media critic has been going to the WHCD since he was still in college. At his first WHCD, he complained when, the interns and kids were let into the after parties. He forgot at the time, he was still a college kid himself. 

Stelter lives for the "nerd prom" and now CNN is thinking about boycotting. 

This might kill him. 

Of course, many believe that President Donald Trump might also be a no show for the nerd prom as well. 

The WHCD has become nothing but a joke over the past 10 years, as TV organizations tried to one up each other by bringing in some celebrity to sit at their table. 

"Major stars" like Kim Kardashian and others like her have made their appearance at the dinner. At one point the White House Correspondents Dinner was for the White House Correspondents. But that ship has long left the port.

The dinner is a waster of time and now CNN is thinking about boycotting it because the President picks on them. 

Wow....this really is a nerd prom. 

Our bet, even if CNN does decide to take the greatest stand since Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat on the bus....Brian Stelter will still attend. 

The nerd prom is everything....he has to be there.