The Fall Guy

The main Anchor at WIVB in Buffalo was missing from the air after trying to read the paper. 

Don Postles went M-I-A after he walked outside on Feb 12th to get the paper in his driveway (you mean there are some people that still get newspaper delivery?!). 

Postles slipped on ice in his driveway (ice? In Buffalo in February? Who would have expected it?) as he was trying to retrieve the paper. 

"I received 15 stitches, two black eyes and a concussion," Postles, who headed to his doctor for treatment immediately after the fall, told the Buffalo News. 

The Anchor returned to the air this week still sporting a black eye from the fall. 

"By the way, I never did get the paper," said Postles.

Hey Don, they have this thing called the internet, you should try that. You don't even have to go outside.