Tegna Station Alarms Viewers with Wrong Information

Viewers living near the Orville Dam in California have been on edge since heavy rain in the area, threatened the damn structure and at one point caused a mass evacuation.

There were concerns that damn was going to give way, causing a 30 foot wall of water to head right at the town of Orville. 

Luckily, engineers were able to shore up the damn and the danger was averted and residents were allowed to return home. 

Then last night, during ABC's primetime programing, Tegna owned KXTV ran a crawl telling residents they needed to evacuate the area once again. 

ABC10 Sacramento mistakenly scrolled information about evacuations for areas below Lake Oroville Dam due to an imminent failure of the emergency spillway.  

The station's crawl panicked an already on edge community... requiring the Sutter County Dept of OES to have to try and calm people on social media.  

The California Dept of Water Resources also had to try and clam scared viewers about the erroneous info sent out by the Tegna station. 

KXTV kind of sort said they were sorry for their wrong information.

Viewers were not impressed. 

But, hey it's ratings and scaring the viewers is always good for the numbers....right?