Forget Experience to work at Tegna

Back in the day, if you wanted to land a job in a top 15 market, you need to "pay your dues."

You needed to work your way up through smaller markets and gain the experience you needed to crack the top 15. 

Not anymore....

Tegna owned KING in Seattle has a job opening for "News Photojournalist Trainee". 

For years, Seattle was considered one of the best Photographer markets in the country. The Shooters in Seattle were some of the best. Now, they will hire inexperienced (i.e. cheap) Photogs and train them how to shoot, edit and use a live truck. 

Tegna shows flat out that TV news is no longer about the news and has everything to do with saving money and hiring cheap. 

Hiring a "trainee" in a top 15 market is a joke. That's what you should see in Yuma, Chico and Gainesville. It is never something you should see in Seattle. 

Tegna took everyone that worked hard to make it to a top market and just rubbed their faces in it. All in an effort to be cheap and save money. 

The company should be ashamed at what they have become.