Nexstar Pulls the Plug on Portland Newscast

Sources tell FTVLive that Nexstar is pulling the plug on a couple of newscasts at their new Portland station. 

Nexstar took over Media General's KOIN and first word of business is to drop a couple of newscasts. So much for that commitment to news that Nexstar CEO Perry Sook talks about. 

The staff was told that the station is dumping out of doing weekend morning newscasts. KOIN was one of the last stations in the market to add weekend morning news and word is the newscasts were doing well in the ratings. 

But, Nexstar has decided that the news people that work on the morning news will be reassigned to other newscasts. There could be some layoffs in the production department. 

When Nexstar petitioned the FCC for approval of the purchase of the Media General stations, they pushed their commitment to providing viewers with news coverage. seems that dropping newscasts is not much of a commitment. 

So much for "Watching Out for You"....