All Hands on Deck Meeting Called at Nexstar Station Today

Sources tell FTVLive that the staff at Nexstar owned WIVB in Buffalo have been told to report to the studio for a 10AM staff meeting Today. 

The staff doesn't know what the meeting is about, but we do. 

Nexstar sources tell FTVLive that Executive Vice President Tim Busch will be at the meeting. If you go by Nexstar's recent history and Busch is making and appearance, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the GM of the station is packing up their office. 

High up Nexstar sources tell FTVLive that is exactly what is happening. WIVB GM René LaSpina is being relieved of her duties, despite the fact that she had righted the ship at WIVB. 

It also appears that Nexstar is wasting no time in filling the job. FTVLive spies spotted former WOIO (Cleveland) General Manager Dominic Mancuso talking with the company. 

Word is that Mancuso has told some very close friends that he is shuffling off to Buffalo. 

Nexstar has replaced a number of GM's recently, mostly at the old Media General stations. In almost every case, Nexstar has either promoted someone or hired somebody that was unemployed. 

We hear that the station has reached out to GM's currently on the job at other stations and they have no desire to work for the company. 

So Nexstar has been stuck finding their management hires "on the beach".

That does not bode well for Nexstar's reputation as a company.