The Josh Elliott Mess

Yesterday morning, FTVLive told you that Josh Elliott was being bumped up at CBS News. By yesterday afternoon, FTVLive told you that Josh Elliott had been fired at CBS News. 

Elliott was sacked after telling viewers that he was being promoted at CBS from the network's streaming service CBSN. 

It seems that when Elliott spilled the beans about his promotion, the suits at CBS weren't happy and Elliott was fired and escorted form the building. 

CBS was paying Elliott next to nothing when they hired him. He was still being paid by NBC, who coaxed Elliott to leave ABC's Good Morning America and come to NBC, where he did basically nothing. 

CBS was able to pick up the newsman for a song and now that they cut ties with him, they are going to keep him off the air, by continuing to pay him, his small salary. 

Word is that CBS will hold Elliott to his non-compete and continue to pay him to sit on the sidelines. "It's not costing CBS hardly anything to do, so why not bench him?" says one network insider to FTVLive. 

"Yet another CAA client whose career is in shambles after they convinced him he was bigger than the network", said a network Vice President. 

After working at ABC, NBC, CBS and ESPN, it appears that Elliott is running out of options.