Sinclair Drops Palm Beach Anchor, Others Sacked as Well

It appears that Sinclair is trying to take the Anchor layoff crown away from Tegna. 

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Sinclair was whacking people at WJLA in DC. Well.... now it's West Palm Beach's turn. 

WPEC Anchor Michele Wright, one of the few black Anchors in West Palm Beach was told her services were no longer needed on Friday and she was out. 

A memo was sent to the staff informing them that Wright, as well web editor Gerry Marcello, got the boot.

Sources tell FTVLIve that  two people in Creative Services were cut as well. 

This was all happening as the station was trying to cover the deadly shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Because....let's be honest the bean counters have to stick to a schedule. 

Wright's bio has been scrubbed from the station's website. Wright a former Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader joined WPEC in 2010 as the morning traffic anchor, before being bumped up to News Anchor. 

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