EXCLUSIVE! Sinclair Bans Phones from Companywide Meeting

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that, while Sinclair is in the middle of laying off people coast to coast, they have also scheduled a big meeting. 

The meeting is for all stations and it will be done via a feed to stations.

Called "Sinclair Connecting" the company will unveil their "Vision- Mission and Values". We're guessing that the "Values" portion of the meeting should just take a second or two. 

But, what is interesting, fearing leaks to FTVLive and others, staffers have been told that all phones and electronics have been banned from the meeting. 

So, if a source is trying to get ahold of a Reporter about a big story breaking and that Reporter is sitting in Sinclair's "Values" meeting, they will miss the tip. 

Sinclair has been scared to death of leaks to FTVLive and has often times done internal investigations as to who is leaking us info? 

It has now come to banning TV news people from their phones. Really? 

It's like Sinclair's buddy Donald Trump and his friend Putin are giving the Sinclair suits on tips as to how to run a meeting. 

A group that employees Journalists is now banning Journalists from their phones.

And no one at Sinclair sees anything wrong with this? 

Also, what kind of trust does it show that they have with their employees? 

"It's terrible what this industry is doing to itself," said one Sinclair staffer to FTVLive. 

BTW- $50 Amazon gift card to the first person that send us a brief video or pictures from inside the "Sinclair Connecting" meeting. 

Here's the email that Sinclair staffers were sent about the meeting.