And This is Why the FCC Should Not Allow It

TV groups like Sinclair, Nexstar and others will be lobbying the Trump administration hard to relax TV ownership rules. 

Here is a prime example of why the rules should be made more strict and not relaxed. 

In Greenville, MS, all four TV stations in the market are owned by the same company. 

Cala Broadcast Partners LLC, owns WXVT, WABG, WNBD, and EABG.

Which means that control the ad rates for every station in town. Say a local car dealer wants to put an ad on TV. Well, they are stuck paying the rate that Cala quotes them, or their ad is not going on TV. 

Viewers have no choice when it comes to local news. 

And when there is a retrans pissing match, like Cala and Cable One are having right now, viewers lose every local channel in town. 

This is why ownership rules need to be enforced and stop broadcast monopolies.

But, don't forget, Sinclair made a deal with Donald Trump during the election to give him positive coverage and more airtime. 

Guess who will be lining up and asking Trump to relax ownership rules? 

Here's a's not this guy: