Another Giant TV Ego

Anyone who reads this blog knows that FTVLive is impartial when it comes to holding the industry accountable. We think people should get accolades and we think people should be called out when they do dumb stuff.  When we got this story, we decided we'd call "BS" on these memos people put out when they're fired but want the rest of us to think it's their decision.

Back in November, FTVLive told you that after less than 24 months, Brad Remington, the first time GM at Scripps' KMGH in Denver, was leaving. He told the staff it was time to spend more time with this family and he'd stay through the end of the year. That didn't happen, either. Scripps had him leave in early December.

Unfortunately, Remington just can't seem to leave it at that. He decided to go on social media and explain his decision, as if everyone was waiting to hear it. But he went a step further and basically called out Scripps.

Here's what he posted. Towards the end of the first paragraph, he thanks his previous bosses and throws in there, "...for giving me the support and freedom to run newsrooms the way I thought they should be run." OK, no biggie until you get to the last paragraph.

First off, FTVLive sources say Scripps in no way approached Remington. In fact, the job was offered to several others who turned them down first. Remington lobbied hard for the job. So the, "I just couldn't say, 'No', is a far stretch." Then he says he's not wired for a company with so many layers and bureaucracy. That's short-hand for the Scripps' corporate folks kept Remington in check, and he didn't like it.

We're going to call "BS" on the 'parting on good terms', too. We'll bet if Remington applied for another job at Scripps', he'd be sitting by the phone for a long time. Here's the note, see if you agree: