Oh Baby.....oh boy

The Nexstar station in Wichita is holding a contest for the February book and it involves Morning Anchor Katie Taube.

Taube is pregnant and is about to give birth during the rating book (how convenient) and the station has set up a little game for viewers to make predictions about Taube's baby.

Because let's be honest, it's not a human being as much as it is a promotional tool. 

Not sure if we understand the point system, but then again, we've never been pregnant. 

But we have decided to add to the contest for Taube, you know....just to make it interesting. 

If the baby is born after the book ends......deduct $5000 off of your salary. 

Not wearing full anchor make up in the pictures of the baby right after birth.....deduct $1000.

If the kid is not shown wearing a station logo bib.....deduct $2000.

If you Facebook LIVE you and your husband making the next baby....add $10,000. 

Hey come on....its Nexstar....so you never know.