Orlando EP Has An Interesting Way Of Writing News

Back in November, FTVLive told you about "The Firm's" new EP at WOFL in Orlando, David Page.

When he showed up at the struggling station, Page told staffers "If I'm good enough for Diane Sawyer, I would think I'm good enough for you."

Now, the creator of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, is giving tips on how to write news scripts. One of them is to, "determine what you think the story likely is and then structure it either in your head or in writing." Keep in mind, Page says that should be done before a single frame of video is shot and probably before you even leave the station.

Those of us who are a little salty know there's a little of that that can be done, but we also recognize is its a dangerous road to travel for inexperienced journalists that could lead to non-objective reporting. Here's the whole memo:

If you write the story before you even go out to cover it, is that still called reporting? 

Some station insiders feel that Page and the Assistant News Director are planning a coup attempt against the News Director.