Trump + Fake News = Brian Stelter Peeing Himself

CNN media critic Brian Stelter can barely contained his excitement these days. 

In Brian's world there are three things that really get him excited. Donald Trump, Fake News and Brian Stelter, although in the opposite order of priority. 

Stelter has been going on CNN and calling the President a liar and talking about all the "fake news" and "alternative facts" coming out of the White House. 

In his newsletter last night, the first 15 stories focused on or mentioned Trump and or fake news. Of course some of the stories also mention his favorite subject, Brian Stelter. 

"Speaking with Brooke Baldwin, I asked: Does Trump want to be remembered as the "fake news president?" As the "conspiracy theory president?" I don't think he does..." he writes. 

See, Brian Stelter fancies himself as the elder statesmen of Journalism. He looks at himself as another Tom Brokaw, Ted Koppel or Jeff Greenfield. 

The problem being, Stelter is literarily working in his first job in TV news and only his second job ever. Sorry..... You have to have a few more chops, before you become the elder statesman Brian. 

Unfortunately, it's not all Stelter's fault. He's working his first ever job in TV news and he's getting direction from Jeff Zucker. 

Stelter treats every story, (Trump, Fake News) as the missing plane.

When Trump and his people talked about crowd sizes at the inauguration, Stelter turned the story into the Cuban Missile Crisis. With all this going on in the world, we're going to spend days arguing about size? Typical guys, right ladies?

Stelter needs to learn how to back off stories that just aren't as HUGE as he thinks they are. He also needs to learn to treat his own network as he does Fox News and others. You can't be the media guy, if you almost always ignore your own network's screw ups (of which there are plenty). 

Also Brian, and this is a bit nit picky, when you go on the air, stop holding onto an imaginary can of paint and moving it all over the set as you speak. It drives talent coaches crazy.

That last part was added as a favor to a few talent coaches that contacted FTVLive. But, once you start seeing it, you can't unsee it. So it is a valid point.