Sorry Anchors, But you Just Aren't as Big as You Think

Here is proof that it's not the talent and more the network....

When Tucker Carlson was at MSNBC, his ratings were not very good and eventually he was let go. 

Now at Fox News, Carlson is seeing very high ratings as he replaced Megyn Kelly. In fact, according to Nielsen, Carlson is nearly doubling the ratings of his predecessor on Fox News. 

When Kelly left Fox News, many in the media thought it would be a ratings hit to the network. FTVLive never bought into that and here's proof in a tweet from January 4th. 

Now, let's go the other way. 

On Fox News Greta Van Susteren was pulling big numbers. 

She left the network and headed to MSNBC with great fanfare. But, the ratings did not follow.

In fact, sources inside MSNBC tell FTVLive that the bosses are more than disappointed with Greta's numbers and they expected much better. 

It shows that the talent isn't nearly as big as they or the networks think. 

It will always be as it always has been about viewer's habits. And no talent is going to change that. No matter how much they think they can.