Rockford Photographer is Robbed

A News Photographer for WIFR was robbed while sitting in his news car eating lunch. 

WIFR Anchor Whitney Martin posted a story of the incident to her Facebook page. She wrote: 

Many times the stories we report affect us personally however this past week a crime hit a little too close to home. One of our photographers was eating lunch in a news car outside the Subway on East State near SAH (Swedish American Hospital) when a man came up to his car and asked for money. He kindly told the panhandler "no" only to be surprised a few minutes later to see the man getting into his front seat. The suspect made our photographer drive him to an ATM where he was forced to take out cash. (No weapon shown). No matter where we live, we all need to be aware of our surroundings. Our photographer is doing just fine however let this serve as another reminder to lock our doors and expect the unexpected. We are so glad he’s ok but as we know, that’s not always the case when we report the 5 o’clock news. Please be safe.

A few comments here.

First, lock the door on the news car and the guy can't get in. 

Second, how much money can a Rockford Photographer have in his bank account?

I know when I was working my first job as a Photog, I was just one paycheck away from being that guy on the street asking for money. 

Lastly, I would have gone all Jack Reacher on his ass and then made him give me his money. And I would have also made him clean up the McDonald's bags off the floorboards of the news car. 

Just saying....