Promoted and Demoted in Milwaukee

OK...try and stay with me on this.....

WDJT in Milwaukee has gone through a major Anchor shake up and the longtime Anchors were the ones to get screwed.  

Young morning Anchor Kate Chappell, who has been at the station about a year, has been bumped up to 5 & 10pm co-anchor (along with Bill Walsh who was moved from 4/9/10pm to 5/9/10pm).

Longtime evening anchor Michele McCormack was pushed back to the noon & 4pm show as coanchor, from her role as 5 & 10pm anchor.

Anchor Mike Strehlow, who has been with the company since its start, was demoted from 12 & 5pm anchor to 12 & 4pm.

The Anchor shake up also came with new desk assignments in the newsroom (Really?!). 

Hard to even follow along, but basically-the people who have been with the station the longest were demoted and the new folks were promoted. 

"Not sure if it will boost ratings but surely created some animosity between those moved around and those left in their old roles," said one newsroom insider to FTVLive. 

BTW, the Feb book starts next week....

Hang on!