The Address to the Nexstar Nation

Nextsar CEO Perry Sook is expected to give a televised address to the nation in the very near future. 

The Nextsar Nation. 

Today, at 10:45AM the Nexstar engineers across the country will be involved in a test of the single, to make sure that Sook will be seen and heard by the troops as he makes his address. 

Sook's grand broadcast will originate via a TVU stream from Nexstar Broadcasting. If the test goes well this morning, Nexstar employees should soon be getting an email from their GM, telling them about Sook's address to the people and when they should report to watch it. 

It is expected that Sook will be telling employees how the company will  be streamlining operations, doing away with various jobs while producing a better product (with less people).

Of course this will be spun, so it sounds like all is well.